Dan McClung


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A little about me

I am an engineer and have nearly 20 years experience in several disciplines. I have a passion for problem solving and love a good challenge.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer.

While designing building systems for labs, offices, and airports I studied systems engineering.

During my studies I got a taste of software engineering and I was quickly recruited to work on software for medical devices. I worked on everything from PC software to DSP algorithms to embedded Linux firmware.

Of course having the title of 'software engineer' seemed a little off given my background, so I went ahead an worked through a masters program in computer engineering.

Currently I am working as a firmware engineer for portable test equipment and I love the work.

In addition to my professional life I enjoy being outdoors, especially mountain biking, paddle boarding, and trail running. I am also on the board of directors for a local charity and handle the IT work for them.

Projects, skills, & intererests



Since most of our products are portable embedded systems,
I do a lot of Linux work

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I have worked with a fairly large number of software technologies,
and I have a passion for open source tools and technologies

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